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We’re happy that you’re interested in working with us! Welcome aboard! Okamicon works much with freedom under responsibility and focuses on your personal experience rather than your age. Hence, past experience is great to have, so remember to add them when you’re writing your application.

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Working at Okamicon is as follows

You’re generally working 4-6 hours a day, it varies between the teams depending on your tasks and position, check with respective team leader for more info.

For working at Okamicon, you get

  • A t-shirt
  • Lunch everyday
  • A spot in the staff sleeping quarters
  • Access to kitchen, coziness, love, and coffee at PeSe
  • A staff card and key strap
  • New friends and a great community

Amazing, right? YEAH! How do I write a good application? We presume that you want as big of a chance as possible of getting accepted, so here’s a few hints on how you can write your application

  • As we already wrote, add references and past experience (people who you know think that you’re good, past cons you’ve worked at etc). Remember to also ask for permission from the person you’re referencing to before adding their name.
  • Tell us why you’re interested in working at Okamicon. Other than, you know, you being interested in Japan. We’re interested to know why you’re interested in working for the team you’re applying to. So if you’re applying for the stage team – explain why you want to work for that team in particular.
  • Read up on the positions you’re applying to, and tell us what you think you can contribute with. To write that you’re a chef does, for instance, not necessarily qualify you to work at the cafeteria as they don’t manage the food in that kind of way. Show us that you know what the team’s tasks are and show us what you can do to make it better.
  • Don’t forget to proofread your application. Everyone makes a mistake or two, but a well written application increases your chances of being accepted. Don’t forget to include as much relevant information as possible. Some things are really nice to know, but doesn’t help the team decide whether or not to accept your application.

Wow! I wrote my application based on what Okamicon suggested and got accepted immediately. What do I do now?

Until the event there are things we want you to do that is solely about building up as much excitement as possible (this is not mandatory, but we team leaders get really happy by this which you, the staff, will definitely feel.) Then there’s the thing that we all want Okamicon to turn out as great as possible so we can go back next year, right?

  • Help us promote our website! The same thing obviously goes for the ticket release as well. Link to things on Facebook! Lots of promotion make us happy.
  • Tell your friends about Okamicon and Try to make them apply to work there as well! Although you will get many new friends, it’s always nice to have friends you trust and love hanging out with, with you. We’re looking forward to meeting you! See you at Okamicon <3
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